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Snapshots from Late Summer and a Life Update

Welcome back to the blog! Here are a few favorite snapshots from the past few months. Not much makes me giddy like a crispy well-lit photo. Actually, it's not always about the light, but the people in the photo or the occasion, that makes my heart happy!

A quick outfit change and little photo shoot one evening thanks to my husband.

Big baskets of flowers from my sister and I's shared garden.

A warm summer evening and running off some toddler energy. Smoke from the neighbor's made for some fun haze.

I forget where I found this dress for K, but it was probably second hand somewhere. Then I found a matching shirt in my size at a thrift store, so I couldn't resist a little photo shoot in them!

She is obsessed with this camera. It was a thrift store find I put on my bookshelf for decor. But she found and claimed it.

Rare photo of the photographer.

Sunday morning at home.

She lights up every room she enters!

Sunday afternoon portraits with Uncle Jason..

I think I have a second shooter coming up! She was excited to dress up and do a photoshoot!

Did I mention full of energy?

Grandma made the cutest mini bread loaf for her.

This month (October) we moved back to Indiana to my parent's because of my husband's health reasons. There is much more to that story that maybe one day I will have the energy and leading to share. But right now, we are just doing the next thing and trusting God. Trust has been my word of the year and wow, God knew I needed it. My husband's health journey has been one that I thought would be over a long time ago. But it isn't. It has brought us to the end of ourselves like never before. Which is where we should be, why does it take pain to get you there lol. Sometimes we think our life is hard, but then it gets even worse. The thing is just to be content wherever you are and trust the Lord. And that is only possible through Jesus! Are we fully surrendered to the Lord and following his lead or are we trying to control and fix things on our own? You might be able to do it on your own for a while, until things come along that are just beyond your control. Things that just do not make sense. I am so grateful that the Lord is gracious and wants a relationship with us. That is the only way we can make it through. By having a close relationship with the Lord and leaning on Him. He truly is our strength and joy!

Until next time, Kristina

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