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Father's Day Weekend with family

We had a fun time camping with my family and my cousin and her little family on Father's Day weekend. Here are a few highlights..

Dinner with our little family before anyone else arrives.

yum yum

Sierra is clapping for her cousin who is performing on the porch for her. haha

my little wild one

A good photographer husband: riding past me repeatedly, so I can practice my settings!

K's first ride on Grandpa's boat

so much good food

This battery operated bubble machine was a hit!

steaks for lunch on Father's Day

We fried up the one fish that was caught on Saturday.

So many fun babies!

And then, like that, everybody left and we cleaned and cleaned til we were all cleaned up again! I didn't want to waste time cleaning up all the time and tried to enjoy my weekend instead! I love camping and definitely think summer isn't even really summer without camping. Who wants to join us next? I'm already ready for another weekend! haha

Until next time, Kristina

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