Our Love Story

Every time I look back to where our story starts, I'm awed at God's hand in it all. I had my husband help me write this as I think it's always fun to hear things from a guy's perspective too!

Kristina: I was 20 years old when we first met in Florida in the beginning of 2018. I was there playing music and vacationing with my family. I remember feeling like we were meeting old acquaintances we had never met. I was impressed with how respectful him and his brother were. Needless to say, after that first meeting I was more interested in attending his band's shows.

Jared: I was 26. I remember thinking she was kinda shy, but respectful. I did think she was pretty and was interested in getting to know the family better. I thought it was pretty cool that we liked the same music.

Kristina: We saw each other here and there over the next year when my dad ran the sound system for their band. I loved watching his energy while playing on stage and started really crushing on him. I tried to hide it though.

Jared: I felt a twinge of nervousness every time Kristina came around. I wanted to talk to her but didn't quite have the nerve. I was discouraged with women and had kinda given up on finding the right girl.

Kristina: I moved to OH for a teaching job. By that next winter in Florida again, I was seriously thinking about him. I tried to be around him without it being obvious. We played some volleyball together and saw each other here and there. He would say hi and I wondered if he was just nice or if he liked me.

Jared: I went to Florida with the mission of getting to know her and her family better. At this point I was considering the idea of asking her out. We hung out more that year and I found myself checking her out more.

I was praying about it those days and all of a sudden one day, I just felt peace that I should ask her out. So one night I asked to meet with her dad.

Kristina: I had no idea he asked to meet with Dad or even that Dad left the next morning to meet with him. That morning I had been praying about my feelings and trying to give it all to God and be okay with being nothing more than friends if that is what His will was. Little did I know what was happening at that very moment! Dad called me on his way back from the meeting and I was like, why is he calling me when we're in the same house?! I answered, and he told me what happened. I was floored. Then I waited and waited for Jared to text me..

Jared: We met at the park later that day and talked and I officially asked her to be my girlfriend. She said, "Absolutely!" We were both amazed how easy it was to communicate as we hadn't talked much one on one before this.

(our first photo together)

Kristina: People soon noticed us together. I mean it's Pinecraft, Florida! Lol. We walked to the pizza and ice cream shop. But I could hardly eat due to nerves. (No worries, I'm long past that now haha) Jared probably ate more though. Haha.

We spent time together those remaining days of vacation and I was surprised to find someone that thought the same as me on so many issues!

The next months were filled with weekends together and getting to know each other better. We were both very intentional people and things quickly got serious. I moved home after the school term was over and the long distance was hard.

Fast forward to June..

Jared: It got harder and harder to say goodbye when we left each other on weekends. We both felt ready and so I began to plan the proposal. I bought matching bracelets for an engagement gift and had my family set up a pretty dinner at a local scenic park.

Kristina: I was dying for him to pop the question. We weren't much for fancy dates so I knew something was up when he said to dress up. If you know me, I'm a curious person. He wouldn't tell me anything though and I suspected too much to ask. We drove to the location where there was a table all set up pretty for dinner. We weren't much in the mood for eating. After dinner, we took a walk to an arch, where he FINALLY got down on one knee and asked the question. Haha. It was one of the happiest days of my life!

Jared: And she said, Of course, I thought you'd never ask! Haha.

photos from engagement

happiest day

reenactment at the arch where he proposed

We got married October 12, 2019, 8 months to the day of our first date. Looking back it went fast, but it was right for us. We are so happy to be together forever.

first look

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