I Renovated a 1975 Camper! part one

It was reading about this young lady's camper renovation that inspired me to do such a project. Little did I know it was soon to happen.

(A lot of these photos are phone shots, so please excuse the quality!)

It was April 7, 2017 when I first saw her sitting at a garage sale and took this photo.

I brought her home about a week later! Before renovations..

Little brother was happy to help!

Weekends after work were spent renovating. I owe a lot to my family and friends who shared of their time and talents to help out! My brother replaced the cracked plastic roof vents for me.

Took off all the doors..

Prepped for paint..

First project, repaint the rusty stove exterior!

The rust was ground and then the stove was painted with high heat spray paint.

Then on to painting the walls..

claustrophobic spaces

Sibling help..

New water pump..

Floor rot repair..

Water damage is NO FUN. In the spring, I plan to go through all the pipes again and replace some I should have replaced first thing after buying the trailer. (You live and learn!)

Painting help by dear friends..

One of the best feelings is pulling off the painter's tape!

Floor repair and new flooring..


Doors come back in..

I have not changed the original countertops but may do so in the future if I can find an easy and cheap way of doing it.

Tightening up the screens before they go back in.

New faucet..

Seeing it all come together was so much fun.

Still a few curtains to put up and electrical covers to put on. The curtains were made with the help of my amazing mother. The fabric was found for like 25 cents per yard!

Exterior work... New vinyl inserts and roof coat.

Someone in the past had done a very messy job of caulking around the door. It was almost impossible to remove so we tried to cover it up instead.

New lights and striping on the exterior..

And now for some finished interior photos..

Click here!

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